Dead Rain (A Shadow Wars Companion)

Dead Rain (A Shadow Wars Companion)

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S. A. Lusher By S_A_Lusher Completed

A companion novella to The Shadow Wars and a direct sequel to Dead Skies.

Laura Walker and Mike Ellis have been through hell. After surviving the infection that hit her isolated research station in the far frozen north, Laura and her few surviving allies made it down to Peaceful Trails and discovered the horrible truth: the infection is everywhere. From there, they teamed up with Mike Ellis, an ex-Marine technician who had awoken from a short coma to find his world torn asunder by undead horrors.

In the end, only Mike and Laura escaped the slaughter of Peaceful Trails. Now, having picked up a call from what remains of the military with the location of an evacuation zone, they must head towards Jackson, the capital of the planet. Ravaged by the undead war, it will present their greatest challenge yet...

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