Dragon's Mate

Dragon's Mate

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Rose Meightner (Rosie) By NaughtyRosie Updated Jun 30, 2016

*MATURE* Don't let anyone ever fool you that mating is easy business and all soft kisses and cuddles. Because it's not.
Especially if you're mating a breed of shifters whom are suppose to be extinct after the last Great War thousands of years ago.
Say hello to my mates-yes-plural as in two ferocious, sinfully sexy, deadly, arrogant, beast who both have sexual drives that surpassed an alpha rabbit in heat!
Damien and Axial, men not to be taken lightly and are deeply feared even by the high court are my mates.
With more secrets shimmering in those identical golden eyes than there are stars in the night sky. Their mere presence is trouble impersonated. No wonder the king-their uncle- wants them dead.

And I've somehow gotten myself mated to both brothers. How the hell did I get myself in this mess!?

And wegmatches mates? They must have been sky diving off ogf the moon while intoxicated off dog crap because do they seriously expect me to be a mate to two giant mythical creatures when I don't even know the first thing about Dragons?!

Well scratch that, there is two thing I know about Dragons. Twin male dragons to be precise. They are wild untamed beast who thrill off driving me bonkers and yet bring forth the wildest most untamed desire I never knew I possessed.

They are beast. Wild ferocious beast!

More accurate of what is expected when mating two arrogant Dragon's would be exhausting, confusing, and infuriating.

And you better quickly learn that getting a dominant jerk of a male Dragon angry will lead to your house catching on fire 'accidentally' and some hard, pounding of two giant mates into you at supernatural speed later.

Some mind blowing, carnal thrust after enraged thrust of knee buckling sex that guarantees at least a week of soreness and the impossibility to even blink much less move afterwards.

WARNING *Explicit language and mature themes*

QueenOfNopes QueenOfNopes Oct 02, 2016
Everybody is like "I don't know how to pronounce that" while I'm stuck her staring at that damn number
WingedLover WingedLover Sep 10, 2016
You go girl! Now lets go run over people to let our anger out! Kidding. Don't call the cops.
special_kay_kay special_kay_kay Apr 22, 2016
Damn just the prologue and I'm hooked!  I love reading your stories!
aura_maze aura_maze Feb 27, 2016
Oh my glob this sheep is awesome! Nearly cried when I realized I read it all and can't wait for it to be finished. Would be kool if you read my work too :3
babesgirl21 babesgirl21 Oct 15, 2016
cant wait to read this and your other thank u for taking your time to write this
chandelierofrubies27 chandelierofrubies27 Dec 27, 2016
If that's her dads mother,she just called the person who raised her a bitch