Percy Jackson X Teen Wolf

Percy Jackson X Teen Wolf

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When a new guy shows up in town Stiles knows something's up. Its not because hes paranoid about every new person, it isn't... there's something fishy about Percy Jackson. I mean being kicked out of every school hes ever been to? please.

 How long is he going to last in this crazy town? Or how long will this town survive Percy Jackson?

This is set after season 3 part 1, so Scott is an alpha and after the seven heroes have come back from Rome. My own twist of what happened in Tartarus.
Completed, please read it and please don't leave any hat mail. (especially not bowler hats)

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8Cumulonimbus8 8Cumulonimbus8 Oct 21, 2017
Was he just like, "hey you know what THID KID ACTUALLY LOOKS A BIT LIKE ME except the green eyes...huh, maybe we can be friends!"
                              Or was he like, "bad bad all very bad."
8Cumulonimbus8 8Cumulonimbus8 Oct 21, 2017
NOPE I think I'm the only one who actually really, really doesn't like Percy, except in memes and jokes. I don't know why. I just can't really stand his personality, especially in BoO.
Weirddemiwood Weirddemiwood May 05, 2017
It's something fishy about know 'cause he's the son of Poseidon?
Weirddemiwood Weirddemiwood May 05, 2017
I just thought of, wouldn't it be cool if Perce starts playing lacrosse?
Roscoes_Friend Roscoes_Friend Aug 24, 2016
Lol Percy's like Scott because of the sudden feel of respect.
awkw3rd awkw3rd Jan 07, 2017
check out my story, The Fifth Floor! it's teen wolf/percy jackson too