Unlike poles attract...A snamione love story

Unlike poles attract...A snamione love story

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Hermione and her friends hate their greasy haired teacher Snape more than anything. And as usual Snape returns their favour. But one day Hermione does somethig so unexpected that Severus Snape cannot stop thinking about her at all.
Will this hate result in anything else???

Hypothesis by @samiibrigid ( Thank you golly!)

"Without thinking he leaned down and pressed his lips to hers. She stood frozen, unsure of what to do. Severus was her friend. Just her friend. But something inside her stomach made stand there and kiss him back. Suddenly Sirus registered in her head and she pushes away from Snape.

 "I should be going." Severus says in his cold monotone voice. He doesn't know how to handle the roller-coaster of feeling inside him. Speechless, Hermione watches as Severus walks away from her swiftly. Confusion swirls inside her as feelings sprout inside that she never felt before. Sure she likes the guy as  a friend. But to feel attracted to him... Now that was trouble."

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JSummer86 JSummer86 Mar 22, 2017
You do realize Snape is WAAAAAAAY to old for Hermione, right?
Darkess93 Darkess93 Jan 18, 2016
Oh my god, it's like most of the people in the comments have never heard of Snamione. Check out Archiveorourown.org there's LOADS of stories on there
fanficandfic fanficandfic Jan 03, 2016
We ee ew ew ew ew ew ew ew! *continues reading because is nasty*
NarcissaMalfoy101 NarcissaMalfoy101 Jan 01, 2016
*Reads comments*
                              I'm like one of the only Snamione shippers.
                              I ship them so much! Too much actually...
systemofadown06 systemofadown06 Dec 28, 2015
*imitates snape* why you insolent little---*coughs* nope can't do it
ChocolateSuperstar ChocolateSuperstar Jul 04, 2015
Wow, I didn't know this was a thing until now! This should be very interesting.