Conspiracy of a Dead Man

Conspiracy of a Dead Man

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Jack Katel stood on top of a small hill, under the bare oak tree, looking down on the funeral taking place. The funeral of Sam Tekal. Jack was not a very big or muscular man and his long sleeved, dark green shirt and cargo pants made him blend in with the oak tree. Jack could hear weeping of women-the mother and grandmother of the deceased man cried the loudest. Jack turned his head skyward, as it was starting to rain. It seemed as if even God could feel the pain of the family. He felt the bone-chilling wind sweep across his short, graying, black hair. As Jack looked back down, he gazed at the coffin sitting there; he thought about the man inside that coffin. Well, at least the remains of the man, as the cold corpse was mostly just guts and bones.

Jack remembered the eternally sleeping man all too well. He also remembered how Sam died all too vividly...

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The year was 2009. December. Virginia. The time was 0100. Sam Tekal was running down a dark alley, while dogs bark...

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