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Annia12345 By Annia12345 Updated Jan 12, 2016

Day 1: Life at school!

*alarm clock beeps*

Me: what time is it?

Fang:Time to get up.

Tyson: *snores*

Me: Ummmmmm......My spirit will go to school today!

Fang: Um.....NO!

*At school*

Me: Marika!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Marika: Hi! *following Marika is Kai and Kyoya*

*Fang stares at Kai and kyoya*

Fang: Who are these freaks?

Kai: Look who's talking!!!!!

Fang: *Busts out wings and attacks Kai*

Kai: *launches Dranzer*

Fang: *looks at me* Can I kill him?

Me: no!

Marika: Kai.....

Kai: Hmpf *looks away*

Fang: *mutters* Loser!


Fang: *Smiles innocently* Nope.....

Kai: I think you did!

Fang: Turn up your hearing aid grandpa!!!

Marika: Fang, stop it. Kai's my best friend and if you have a problem with that, I'll ask Kyoya to launch HIS bey at you.

Me: Oh no!

Fang: Pfffffff! *walks away*

*in school*

Me: *in class with Fang and Tyson who has fallen asleep*

Tyson: *snores*

Mrs. Murphy: Annika? Are u sleeping in my class? *She can't see Tyson and Fang!*...