Okumura drama story (Rin okumura x Reader)

Okumura drama story (Rin okumura x Reader)

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( I DO NOT OWN AO NO EXORCIST / BLUE  EXORCIST ! )                                                                          

Prologue :                                         
 It all started soon after Rin went to True Cross Accademy.                     
 He had a normal life untill he found out he was a demon.            
 He attends True Cross Accademy with his twin brother, Yukio.                                                                        

A month after he joinend, you came in. You came wanting to become an exorcist because of your past. You were like all the others, but there's something specials about you that Rin liked.                
 He didn't  know what, but he just did. You were a demon just like him, and no one knew except Mephisto and some of your Teachers.                                                                                                                




Umm...I'm a super weird person so nobody at ALL thinks I'm human. Not even s few of my teachers think I'm human.....It's sad -_-
kitty-234 kitty-234 Jul 08, 2015
I love nemu takara and i wish there was a fanfic about him <3
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Am I the only one who can imagine Shima in a pedobear costume singing "I I I like little girls they make me feel so good!" ???
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                              2.Also... SHIMA WHAT DID I SAY ABOUT CAT CALLS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
HeyyyBruh HeyyyBruh Apr 20, 2015
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This chapter gave me headaches, go back to the 5th grade and Lear grammar!