иαℓυ ⇉ •ɧıɖɖɛŋ ՏҽϲɾҽԵs•

иαℓυ ⇉ •ɧıɖɖɛŋ ՏҽϲɾҽԵs•

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•вooĸ ιѕ coмpleтe•
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•υnder мaѕѕιve, ѕlow, edιтιng•

"love can вe a вleѕѕιng oғ lιғe, вυт alѕo a cυrѕe oғ deaтн."•

It was just like any other ordinary day for Fairy Tail. Drinking, laughing and Magical Fighting. Sadly that all ended with one mission and one hidden secret.

That single mission and secret changes everything for Natsu and Lucy.

Who knew that a secret could do such damage and despair to everyone around you, especially to the ones you love most?. 

Lucy slowly figures out that she is not so normal as she had thought, or wanted. As Lucy gets torn up between Love and Friendship, along with her new responsibilities diving into her way. Darkness is rising around every corner and new enemies have risen. 

Hidden Secrets are coming out one by one slowly and it turns out that there is a lot more than one.

So, Will Natsu and Lucy accept the fact, that those secrets will get in the way of their relationship and change everything?.

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I have motion sickness T__T its the worst, I hat going in cars so I'm gonna buy a motion sickness wristband😂
And this is the day Lucy became as dumb as Natsu! Well done Lucy, well done!!!
LadyTenora LadyTenora Jul 30
Oh my gosh! Such a great name for a spell. 
                              (Did you see the sarcasm there?)
Lucy's rent is actually 700,000 jewel a month. They say that in the third episode. Just saying.
StarkCave StarkCave Aug 24
I'm laughing 'cause the opposite of that sell would be: "Good Explosion!" And it sounds like someone complimenting it 🤣
I'm not trying to be rude, but how does time work like that?🙁