Something to Fight For (Percy Jackson and the Avengers Crossover)

Something to Fight For (Percy Jackson and the Avengers Crossover)

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Silver By CaptainSSilver Updated Dec 03, 2018

Was it worth it? 

After the Doors of Death are closed, Percy is forced to consider the choices he has made. For the past six years, the only thing he has known is battling monsters, but now that everything is over, he discovers that peace can be even more traumatic than war. 

The scars that have been carved onto him both mentally and physically are just beginning to fade, and Percy finds himself longing for something more. 

Then Percy encounters Nick Fury, who has an interesting and enticing proposition for him. Join the Avengers, and regain his past life of adrenaline filled battles and danger around every corner. Will Percy join? Hell yeah! 

The only question is; Will he ever find peace?

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