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Master Enzo is super strict. I am super crazy.
He loves order, I am chaos. He is disciplined, I am clumsy. We are opposites.

When I came to live with him two years ago , I thought it was because he missed me.

I was so wrong.

My dad requested him to take me in because he thinks I am a bad influence on his step daughters.

I drank, I smoked, I flunked classes and this shit got real when I failed university.

My step mother was mad at me. My master was furious ! That very night I was arrested for speeding and driving drunk. My parents had a deal with him. He takes me in, help me sort my shit out and in return they would never object our lifestyle and me living with him, or marrying him.

Why would they object? Master is rich , successful and stable. master should have asked them money instead of there blessings.

The day I failed and got arrested. Master came to visit me in detention. He didn't bail me for two days or let my parents do it.

He made me sit on a chair in one of his kinky night clubs and asked. 

"What do you want in life Venus ?"
"I quickly said , money , sex and booze"
He slapped my face very hard and asked again. Wrong answer.

Even during bdsm play, I was never hit if not for pleasure, I am a masochist I enjoyed canning and cropping, but that is for pleasure too....

I wasn't angry, I was super scared.
I had never seen my master that angry before"

"Think again, Venus what do you want in life ?"

"I don't know." I said quivering in fear.

He slapped me again, harder.

"I want to be a successful businesses woman, I am sorry , I am sorry please don't slap me Master" I was bawling like a baby

"What do you know about running a business ?"
"I .... I took business administration in university.........
He slapped me firmly across the face, yet again.
" You failed it !"

------------------------------------------------------------------He did turn her around. How ? Read to find out !

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