Healing Love

Healing Love

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sofi_emoji By sofi_emoji Updated Oct 27, 2018

Abigail is a recently christian .......well she has been for 5 years and she's always a happy girl. Most of the time she is super shy, but those who know her the most always see her funny side, that is always making funny jokes and likes to be outgoing. 

What most people don't know, exept her best friends Rachael and Grace, is that her dad used to abuse her and her mother, that problem got solved, but now she has problem trusting men.... exept Jesus. She is on her second year of college and hasn't even had her first kiss yet.

Caled Ethan is a typical sporty guy, super outgoing, christian since he was fiftheen, he has his two best friends, Noah who is always helping in stressful situations and Alvin, who he always goes to for advice. He doesn't mind going to church every single day and always does his best to do what God wants, but he wasn't allways this way.....

On a scary situation these two meet, they're complete opposites, exept their both christian. But what happens when they go to a christian camp looking for God's word, but God Has other plans....

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