teddy bear ↠ yoonkook

teddy bear ↠ yoonkook

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"I'm tired of cuddling a teddy bear."

FEATURED STORY: 06/12/2017

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PenicilliumYM PenicilliumYM 6 days ago
That's like me and my friend cause even a spin the bottle app ships us 😂 (don't question it)
klauz_HR_23 klauz_HR_23 3 days ago
El nombre del título es tan atractivo que me vale verga no saber inglés ಥuಥ
PenicilliumYM PenicilliumYM 6 days ago
That is honestly me. I am such a baby that when I get mad or sad or such i go in my room and hide under the covers venting to my stuffed animals
If staying in my room for a long time makes me unhealthy than im surprised im not dead yet 😂
jdopie2 jdopie2 4 days ago
Brush my bear is like 4'3 and its better then cuddling with a human
Ranaalsmadi Ranaalsmadi 3 days ago
هاي ممكن اعرف اذا الرواية ممكن تكون بالعربي  حابه اقرائها بس بالعربي وشكرا