Never Spoke

Never Spoke

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 By Ellie2609 Updated Sep 25, 2018

She was never on his sight.
He was the only person she ever saw.
He never noticed her.
He was the only person she ever noticed.

But will it be too late for him to notice?


"What about him? " 

"I don't want to talk about him"


"Hello everyone."Miss Tina came with the participants of the other college. 

"Good afternoon Miss. Tina" 

Shreya elbowed me and pointed at someone hidingly. 

I looked at what she was showing.And.........

No not again. I thought. 


When she tried there was no hope 
But when she stopped to try the hope started to rise like high tides.

She tried all the ways to atleast see him but never got the chance and when she didn't want to face him he was a piece of iron that gets attracted to the magnet she was. 


She didn't yet know that there was a full box of mystery awaiting her.