Fall for you [COMPLETED] (Under Editing)#RainbowSA2k19

Fall for you [COMPLETED] (Under Editing)#RainbowSA2k19

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miZzYrhonne By miZzYrhonne Completed


If its  because of 
his eyes
his lips
his great body
It's not love

"Its LUST"

If its because of
His intelligence or
Insight about life
Its not love


if its because 
He cries everytime 
You leave 
Its not love

"Its PITY"

If its because
He makes you forget
To study and sleep
Its not love


LOVE is when you do not know why you seem attracted to a person..
LOVE has its reason
And that reason is 

LOVE isnt something you can see
But its something you can feel


Sometimes LOVE can be magic
But MAGIC sometimes be an 


Date started: September 2017
Date completed: February 2018