Scorpion Island-Hetalia Murder Mystery

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Eleanor (Kirkland) By LondonKirkland Completed
When twelve nations are invited to Scorpion Island by a Mr. Nikolas Oliver Wunely, they unknowingly play right into the hands of a trap that will get them killed. As the countries are picked of one by one, the hunt for the killer begins, and the fight for survival commences. Will any of them live to tell the tale? Or is Scorpion Island to be the place of their final days? A murder mystery, Hetalia style!
Austria quick give Hungary YAOI and get her away from that creep
Austria, you better watch your girl! Creepy guy's gonna make a move!
Hey, hey watch it! Austria's gonna use his piano skills on you if you make a move on hungary!
@Seasonshade isn't his 2P named Oliver, too? Or is that just a coincidence?
Nikolas Oliver Wunley. N.O Wunley. N.o Wun! It's a trap! Run England!
I like this book it is so good so far chapter one makes me want to keep reading more I'm guessing this is gonna be a juicy one :)