Coldhearted Assassin (Revising/Highly Unedited)

Coldhearted Assassin (Revising/Highly Unedited)

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**Previously known as...Coldhearted Assassin Love**
Assassin's Creed Fanfiction

Kalila a young Arabian noblewoman. She knows how to defend herself with a blade after losing her parents to a group of Templars at a young age. She has no siblings as she travels from one city to another looking for Templars to avenge her parent's death and to find something more than she was expecting. She comes across information about a certain group of Templars that were the ones responsible for her parent's death. She begins to learn about secrets that have been untouched. She begins her journey to become something more than she already is. She meets an Assassin that goes by the name of Altair. 

Altair was on the mission to dispose of these Templar's that have been advancing and becoming a threat that he needs to stop. They're also recruiting people into their organization. He has been ordered to stop them, just like every other Assassin. He was on his way to kill a Templar when he ran into a mysterious woman name Kalila. She reminds him of someone he used to love very deeply and he doesn't know what to do with her, but find out why. He despises the fact that she looks like the person that he had deeply loved and begins to hate her with a passion, but she doesn't like him either. In fact, she despises him for a multiple of things.

Opposite can attract...

(Going Under Editing)

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Secretquietlygirl Secretquietlygirl Jan 09, 2016
I don't like them either, but they're not really in here. I just use their names when the people in here are talking
firebirdon firebirdon Jan 09, 2016
In the game i really hated Al Mulaim and loathed Abbas i hope they got some sense here
Secretquietlygirl Secretquietlygirl May 31, 2015
Yes, Thank you. I have notice that too, but I didn't have time to go in and edit it, I will soon though
wildcats_72 wildcats_72 May 31, 2015
there's a lot of you writing things twice I'm not trying to judge tho I have barley started my story