Breaking My Mate

Breaking My Mate

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LimePony By LimePony Updated Oct 24, 2016

He stood up to his full height with a glare on his face. I cowered back he looked like a psychopath.

"Look this is how things are going to be. I have a girlfriend and I don't plan on breaking up with her and you will be fine with that."

"What? You cant do that were supposed to be mated."

"I don't want to be mated to a little ugly sh*t like you. I'm doing this for my pack."

That was a huge blow to my already low self esteem.

"I'm going to be your mate and I have rules for you to follow. Number 1, no talking back. What I say goes and you WILL agree to whatever I say. Number 2, you are mine meaning, I can have you whenever I want whether it be before the mating or after. Number 3." He stepped in front of me and yanked me up. "If I EVER see you talking or even looking at another male I'll kill the both of you. Do I make myself clear?"

I stood there shocked. He's nothing like the boy I met downstairs, he's a controlling douche.

"No you don't! You cant come here and tell me wha-" I wa...

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hey guys I'm making this new book called the alpha nd the unfortunate mate and I really need more views it would help me a lot if you guys checked it out and tell me what your thoughts are about it. thanks
elephant44 elephant44 Oct 07, 2015
Wat a nasty jerk,  so he can have his cake and eat it but she can't,  his most probably got a bad case of std, s.
AnnellaG AnnellaG Feb 10, 2015
Welp it doesn't really matter anyway since she's gonna leave him and be happy off without him and make him miserable so whatever
Jaci_Leigh_2018 Jaci_Leigh_2018 Nov 20, 2014
What the actual fruckery is this Kevin! You was so nice like wut
scarlet_23 scarlet_23 Nov 04, 2014
nice story.... i was totally furious what kind of douche hits a girl?! i'm glad she wasnt all like "yeah its all my fault you hit me " and stuff ...
beauty_chick_ beauty_chick_ Jun 03, 2014
You know what all people would do to men's like him beat him up and ruin his life oh yea................I would kill him and laugh at his face and TELL him forget those rules I  listen to my rule also leave him there cause nothing else would want