Odd Jobs

Odd Jobs

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Mikey Roulette By KillEmAll666 Updated Dec 13, 2014

"I fucking hate you." Yelled a smiling silver haired man; standing in the mirror, pulling out a silver dagger, that was engraved with his Gods symbol (he asked his "mate" K. make for his special rituals,) and took it and slit his wrists- blood just dripped down to the floor making big messy puddles- hoping he would finally die this time. There was more than enough blood for at least one death of a mortal being. 

Realizing the mess on the floor, he mumbles, "Shit! K's going to fuck me up if he sees this horror show." He slid the dagger back into its secret place- behind the mirror. Then grabbing a random towel lying on the bathroom floor, to wipe up most of the blood, he'd need some for the ritual, he would do once he had everything set up.

Not even a few minutes in, there was a loud knock had interrupted his prayers to his God, and a deep voice boomed on the other side, "Hurry it up in there Jade! We have things to do!" The man known as "K." yelled.

"Yes dear!!!" Jade yelled b...

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