Bestfriend (Completed)

Bestfriend (Completed)

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Aniya_C By Aniya_C Updated Jan 10, 2017

Jasmine | 12 years old.

" Nell" I said as I wiped the tears that found their way tricking down my face. 

"Who did it won't me too whoop him " My bestfreind Nelly said too me but everybody called him Nell he thought his real name sounded gay but I thought it was perfectly fine. 

"No , but I have too tell you somthing " I said looking deep into his eyes. As you can see I have the biggest crush on him we've  been bestfreind's since we were three literally. 

"What is it " He stopped dribbling the ball and turned his attention towards me. 

"My mom found a job and were moving to Cali " He looked at me with a confused facial expression. 

"What ? " He practically yelled making others turn their heads but by the look of their face they turned back around and started to mind their business.

"I have too Nell my mom found a good job out there " I said through muffled cries. I had been crying since my mom told me.  Atlanta, Georgia born and raised I didn't want to just up and leave this wa...

aaugustin799 aaugustin799 Jan 14, 2017
I wouldn't be surprised if they did cause now a days guys 6 and 6 years old dry humping each other and suck 🍆😂😂😭
TrueQueen_Duh TrueQueen_Duh Dec 01, 2015
When you 12 that's when it start but I was like a tomboy so yea I was like girl bye
BrittneyLove17 BrittneyLove17 Nov 10, 2015
Lol so everybody gonna look past the fact that she spelled promise PROMICE
PrettyGirlCiCi PrettyGirlCiCi Aug 22, 2015
sad thing is kids younger than this actually doing stuff like that
livelovelaugh2408 livelovelaugh2408 Aug 02, 2015
this is cuuuuuttttteeeee!!! haha but I suggest proof reading
MaliaSaunders MaliaSaunders Oct 11, 2014
I thought about high school musical when I was 12 years old girl boo