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B★A★H♪ By Reallyweird1 Completed

This book is depressing as fu©k. If you are depressed and don't want to be even more then don't read.

This book is filled with depressing stuff or as someone said relatable stuff (I still think it's depressing) if you want you can read this book if you don't want then don't but it would mean a lot to me if you read my book.

This book might make you really depressed. (Probably will)

It will actually but I'm trying to be nice.

I do not own these a few of them are mine but it's not specified ok.

(The last ones are specified if mine) 
(-B★A★H♪ is me mkay) 

Started:approx.  August 18,2017
Ended: approx. October 1,2017 

(Book One in the Sad series and the sequel is pain)