A Slave to His Passion

A Slave to His Passion

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This is a novella!  Think of it as a one-shot!

He was the all around guy when we were in high school.  I had the biggest crush on him but I was friend zoned immediately.  I was good enough to be his friend but not his girl friend. 

Now he's back and just as hot as ever.  I love him and want him more than I want my next breath

emmyles emmyles Mar 30, 2015
@VicFuentesFutureWife thank you and she is that girl pining  away for a guy
VicFuentesFutureMan VicFuentesFutureMan Mar 30, 2015
Lilly annoys me. She's like the girls at school that chase the same guy around all day. Great story though !!
emmyles emmyles Jan 14, 2015
@HarmonyLeauanae thanks and that was a while ago.   Those same guys that friend zoned me slapping themselves....lol.  ah the stories i could tell about running into them now
emmyles emmyles Oct 12, 2014
@kbear19 no offense taken or meant.  I didn't mean to seem defensive.  I appreciate you googling a pic and I'll admit if that weights not packed tight (mostly muscle) it can look real bad.
emmyles emmyles Oct 12, 2014
@kbear19 I read this comment several times and can only scratch my head as I know many woman this height and weight and they are the healthiest women I know.
xinfiniteandbeyondx xinfiniteandbeyondx Mar 07, 2014
RRG btw
                              Lmfaoooo I am crying right now. I can't even....OMG lol