She's Cold

She's Cold

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Tonie By Junie_Grey Completed

Shane Harvard Malcolm, billionaire player has it all, except one thing. A bride! It doesn't seem important to his already perfect world. But when the first requirement for the best deal of his life is a bride, he doesn't think twice about ordering one. As far as the bride could obey him.

The only thing Jocelyn Williams cares about is The Good Shepherd Orphanage. But when the orphanage is about to be torn down, she picked up the newspaper in search of a job. And found one. A mail ordered bride! Will this be more than she bargained for?

Third place in The Skull Awards 2017!
Second place in The Gray Awards!

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- - Nov 08, 2017
I dont know why i picked this book to read but I enjoyed this.
                              The plot is unique and im hooked. Well done.
mccnly mccnly Nov 08, 2017
I think this sentence would sound better if it was said like, "Dad doesn't want to sell because you aren't married."
MistElix-ir15 MistElix-ir15 Dec 21, 2017
Interesting ending. That lady is one I wanna see more of. Especially when he gets burned. XD
blocked_way5 blocked_way5 Oct 19, 2017
Haha is he sure that he's from 21st century like he said? :D
mccnly mccnly Nov 08, 2017
I really like the chapter! This book is in third person which I like. I seen a few grammar errors and I pointed some out for you.
mistandfuryy mistandfuryy Oct 28, 2017
BAHAHA thank god he wasn't one to freak out and just say no to her suggestion