Hiding Behind A Mask | ✔

Hiding Behind A Mask | ✔

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Annie Hunter was a normal girl. Ever since she was bullied back in middle school, she has never been herself after that. Over the summer Annie came up with an idea. Mask. Now that she's starting high school, every day she would wear a mask. She not only decided to wear the mask to school but also at home. She wouldn't talk to her mom but she does listen to her. Her mom would get worried all the time and call a therapist to try and help her but it's just not helping.

One day her English teacher assigned a project to the whole class. They needed a partner in order to start the project. She sat at a desk at the back of the class next to Chance Beckett, one of the most popular guys in freshman year, who she is partnered with. Chance is popular but he is not like his friends who would bully others. He is more of the friendly type, but Annie does not know that.

Chance wants to be more than just partners doing a project together. He wants to be friends with Annie. He also wants to know what's hiding behind the mask.

[mild language, though there are not many]

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