Sea Bound  (A Sanctuary's Aggression Novel) Nanowrimo 2018

Sea Bound (A Sanctuary's Aggression Novel) Nanowrimo 2018

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Maira Dawn By MairaDawn Updated 8 hours ago

#159 on Scifi Hot List. A Golden Pen, Pen and Ink and Rose Award Winner. Sonora yearns for more than life has given her until the day a shadow becomes a guide to a world she could never have imagined. A new world that offers her both delight and danger.

Ian's home is the sea but he now reluctantly walks the land hunting the traitor who stole from their people. A man who not only turned his back on his own but brought his decidedly destructive wrath to the humans. 

Together, Ian and Sonora must put an end to a crazed scientist's schemes and find the key to save humankind's future. With more than their own lives at stake,  will they be able to stop him in time?

Sea Bound is a stand-alone book set in the Sanctuary's Aggression world.

Cover by me.

Critiqued by Voyageavecmoi

This work is entirely my creation and is under copyright. No copies, in any language or in any form, can be made without written permission from me.i

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Great observation on human behaviour here. Hindsight is 20/20.
 #FBE I like how you mentioned that there were people up there. It definitely makes the story more intriguing.
Shellz2308 Shellz2308 Sep 24
 #FBE This paragraph hints at something bigger happening and from a readers perspective it makes me curious to find out what happened. Nice way to build tension for the reader.
DawnSpecter DawnSpecter Aug 04
That's a very interesting thought. And it hints at something more and something bigger that happened. This para builds up the story well. #FBE
                              In the second sentence, you use along and alongside. Maybe you could chance one just so it's not as repetitive
HannaMuhr HannaMuhr Sep 01
I like this start...there is enough mystery and a hint of a terrible thing that happened to her family and friends. A good balance :)