The Beauty And The Alpha-Beast (Completed)

The Beauty And The Alpha-Beast (Completed)

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Elly Rose By livelaughlovelaze Completed

Previously known as "A Werewolf Story".

Four childhood best friends - Adrian, also the future alpha of their pack, Belle, Chase and Darlene always had the best times together. But what would happen when they grow up and Belle finds out that Adrian was her mate? Overwhelmed, Belle went home to find a surprise waiting for her. Under all the stress and desperation she was facing, she took off and ran. Without so much of a goodbye.

When she returned two years later, the four best friends were no longer attached to the hip. They withdrew into themselves, each facing different problems, especially her precious mate she had found to love. Belle never foresaw this to happen, but would it be too late for her to save them?

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SafiTaffy SafiTaffy Apr 03, 2017
@lolasmith98 I completely agree, unless make up is used to cover up someone's face and make them look totally different I think it's a good thing. It's supposed to be used to enhance someone's natural beauty and make them feel good about themselves but everyone hates on it and it's so annoying
BlueGansey02 BlueGansey02 Jul 27, 2017
^^^ I personally don't care for it myself but if it makes someone feel good and confident then I'm all for it!
colinaresmelissa colinaresmelissa 3 days ago
Hi bkit po english.pnu b plitn ng language.mging tglog...nkknosebleed kc hehehe
Caitwil27 Caitwil27 Jan 27, 2016
You forget that when Adrian shift to human form. He should be naked in front Belle . haha
allie90121 allie90121 Sep 27, 2015
How would you know what she was going to say?! She could of said that your fly was undone, or your hair looked like a rear end of a chicken (not a nice chicken), or that your shoes are on the wrong feet! You never know!
PurpleLlamanator PurpleLlamanator Jan 29, 2014
Wow, I guess he was stressed but he's kind of a jerk for doing that hahaha Good start :)