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Dirty Lying Faeries

Dirty Lying Faeries

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Sabrina Blackburry By SabrinaBlackburry Completed

With a kiss of her hand, Thea is transported into the faerie world. Now she's trapped in the faerie court, with fate drawing her to Devin and into danger.
When recent grad Thea gets dragged to a black tie gala at an art gallery, she didn't expect to meet the handsome Devin. With a brief glimpse at some art and a kiss to her hand, Thea is unknowingly pulled into the world of the fae. She never believed in faeries, until she started seeing them for herself. With strange creatures visible on the street and fangs and colors flashing in the shadows, Thea has to accept the truth: Faeries are real and she is a part of their world. Will a blossoming romance keep her afloat in a world of magic, or will she be drawn into the darkness by threats she's only beginning to understand? For better or worse, the newest changeling has arrived.

(This story is a stand-alone title set in the Dirty Lying Creatures universe.)

[[word count: 100,000-150,000 words]]