Omega King {MxMxM}

Omega King {MxMxM}

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Roy Dixon By RoyalynDixon Updated Dec 09, 2018



It has been a hundred years, Omegas became the most beautiful and captivating creatures in the werewolf species. A hundred years in which soulmates became nothing but a myth and a present time in which they are free to choose their own mates.

Omegas have a strong reputation; they are vicious, aggressive, beasts. They are looked down upon by lack of respect and believed themselves to be above it all. In fact, Omegas are constantly at war with Alphas and their Packs.

The Omega Pack are called the Woodland Beast Pack; the Alphas are Omegas named Jordan and Justin Ward who are college students. They are a family who is known to be Ichors of the Moon goddess and have the gift of conceiving children regardless of gender.

Omegas are now special and strong. The more powerful they grow the more they believe in one day there will be an Omega King to rule over all Omegas and have every high ranked werewolf bow to the Omegas with respect.

Then it happened. The twin Omegas meet an Alpha. The very Alpha who will become the legendary Omega King, the very Alpha who will become an enemy of all the other werewolves above an Omega.

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