Because You Love Me

Because You Love Me

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||"Actually, Mr Parker. We were showing the new girl to her class." Seth says as he pushes me forward, in front of the whole class.
Seriously, how many people can they have in one class? There are like fifty people in here!
"Oh! And who do we have here?" Mr Parker asks. I remember him; he used to be my English teacher.
I sigh and look to the class, my eyes instantly lock with the most gorgeous blue eyes.
His messy blonde hair is styled in a sexy looking quiff, you can see the muscles showing from his thin grey shirt and he looks to be quite tall, even though he's sitting down. It's only a second before I realised who it is, Jaydon Hamilton.
I don't move my eyes away from him as I speak.
"Hazel Williams."
The whole class gasps.||

Hazel Williams has had a tough life, things went wrong when she was young. 
So she put on weight, dyed her hair and was bullied by pretty much everyone in her school.
Especially one person in particular:

Jaydon Hamilton.

He's hot, smart, and popular. Everybody loves him and thinks he is a teenage form of God.
So Hazel leaves, she lives with her mum to escape the nightmare she experienced everyday.

Then she fixes herself.

And she comes back, she shows all those people that gave her hell how much she's changed.
But what happens when she becomes friends with three of the guys that were a big part of the plan to take her down.

And what if one of them is Jaydon?

Hazel is unsure, she knows she shouldn't trust these guys but they treat her as a real friend. Something she's never had before.
But does she realise what she could be getting herself into?
And what happens when the hate she used to feel towards Jaydon starts to turn into something else?

Because you can't start to love someone you hate.


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itsyaabg itsyaabg Jul 05, 2017
uhh lmao.. putting on alotta make up jus makes me feel more confident n boujee soo🤷🏽‍♀️. but ig you do you n i'll do me
H_Rhiannon H_Rhiannon Mar 19, 2017
1. I weigh more than my dad. He is so skinny like... How?
                              2. I LOVE DYING MY HAIR
                              3. Braces suck but, they normally look good
                              4. Get non hideous glasses. They exist.
Welllllllll, you kinda did, and it kinda sounds like you like him and I think you're kinda gonna end up with him and I kinda want you to, as long as he isn't some kinda jerk.
Queennnpj Queennnpj Jun 26, 2017
When she said laser I surgery I started thinking about that final destination movie with the gurl who went to get laser eye surgery and it killed her
passstaa passstaa Feb 04, 2017
i feel sorry for her😣😣😣
                              her insecurities frm the past is traumatic
MaNiqqaOlaf MaNiqqaOlaf Jan 29, 2017
Not trying to be fuċk up but if you and your dad are close why stop talking to him. Like i cant go a day without talking to my parents. Even if i happen to be angry with them.......