Uroxia (On Hold Until 1/5/18)

Uroxia (On Hold Until 1/5/18)

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Persephone Snickedy By Perci_Snickedy Updated Nov 10

Uroxia (/ˈyo͝orōˈSHēˌä/) - a distant planet in the Tamorem system, sector Nine-Alpha. Though unconfirmed, it is rumored to have the largest deposit of cranteben in the known galaxy.


Lani Perry has been preparing her entire life for one thing: to become an Explorer for the Ministry of Interstellar Knowledge. Her dream is to travel to worlds unknown, and to discover new resources that will help to better the lives of those under the Tri-planetary Alliance.

So when her abilities make her a candidate for an upcoming expedition, she's ecstatic. They've been given special permission to enter the territory of a xenophobic empire to mine for cranteben--a rare mineral required to grow plants on her homeworld--to prevent a potential famine. But when she finds out the supposedly barren planet they plan to strip mine isn't so lifeless, she has a decision to make: keep quiet and finish her mission, knowing a species will be wiped out of existence, or speak up and face the consequences of insubordination.

And possibly even start an interstellar war.

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kronnus13 kronnus13 Oct 07
A good first chapter which I enjoyed and yes, it was easy to understand. 
                              I got a little confused with the glass surrounding her but that was probably just me. 
                              Is she holding her breath the entire time? Is that past of her power?
kronnus13 kronnus13 Oct 07
'She could just make out the distorted form her instructor' - Do you mean 'of her instructor' or am I reading that wrong?
                              It's sort of got the feel of a hero story crossed with a bit of a space opera it's a good match. Nice bit of world building, filling it out and the characters. Though it's a little heavy with proper nouns but that goes with territory. Nice start will be coming back when I can.
 #ConjunctionJunction this was a perfect opening chapter, Perci. Just enough world building to allow me to imagine the scene and to want to know more. Lani is immediately likeable, which isn't easy to do as a writer. Some romance and family dynamics, a sprinkle of back story. Very well done.
JaxonBlacc JaxonBlacc Aug 25
Maybe saying "Other trainees" would sound better? But that's just me.
kronnus13 kronnus13 Oct 07
Might just be me, but I'm not sure about the word 'barren' here.