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Noah Rivers and Ethan Davis are from two different worlds. Noah grew up with his two older brothers after his parents were killed in a car accident when he was just a baby. Ethan grew up in the UFC world. His father was the best UFC fighter in the world. Noah is just a freshman while Ethan is a junior. Two years apart. There's little to nothing that they have in common aside from having siblings. They have a different taste of music, food, sport, and so much more. Noah has and never will be a fan of UFC and Ethan will never be a fan of skateboarding.  

Ethan Rivers and Ethan Davis are  two different people yet they are so alike. They are both treated as children; well Noah is while Ethan is treated as an adult. Maybe they're not alike after all. Noah is mature for his age and is one smart kid and well Ethan is well, not so much. Noah is like a flower child and Ethan is like a bad boy. Noah hates anything that has to do with needles while Ethan has way to many tattoos. Noah liked Ethan and Ethan liked Noah, but one day Ethan did something that made poor little Noah fear him. 

Will either boy ever confess their feelings for each other or will they just go their separate ways? Will Ethan apologize for what he did and gain Noah's love again? How will Noah's brothers react to what happened to Noah? Well you'll just to read and find out.

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Kaeworm57 Kaeworm57 Dec 10, 2017
Um... its spelled Prologue, not to rain on ur parade or anything.
MissPiggyX MissPiggyX Aug 20, 2014
I think you might have explained his life a few too many times.