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Bree Carmen By breezyloveyou Updated 3 years ago
My name is Scarlett, I have long black hair, clear blue eyes, and I have hunters searching for me. Why there are hunters after me? Well they are after my heart. Apparently, my heart is very special to them, so special that they will go through such expectations as to kill the people I love. I have to go now; I must leave because I think someone is watching me…
Good for your first story :)  It was a bit confusing because I thought Mr. Walsh was already deceased after being stabbed with the jagged wood, but you had some good description during the action scene.  Your main character seems strong and courageous and you have a unique storyline.  Nice start.
@breezylovesyou I like this story so far. I've never heard anything like it, it's unique and that's perfect! ;) Can't wait for the next part.
I'm confused. The plot is promising but needs a better set up.