The Dark Soul Of Deimos

The Dark Soul Of Deimos

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Mary By Merry786abc Updated Sep 30, 2017

Sequel of The Dark King's Doll. 

She was sitting on the floor, her chin placed on her kness, her arms wrapped tightly around her legs.

 "When this pain and misery will end?" She asked herself ever so quietly in the dark; afraid of being heard by someone but the devil heard her.

He bent down to her level and gripped the back of her neck. He looked dangerous and vicious.
"When you will learn that you are nothing but a filthy whore. A dirty slave." The devil spoke, his voice deep like always. His grey eyes looked like the souless pits of darkness in the dark. 

She was stiff, looking so small and scared. 

This time she did not refuse. She finally came to belive that she was nothing but a mere slave who had to please her master. She was finally stripped off her dignity and innocence.

A sinister smirk bore on his lips, a sadistic gleam in his eyes.


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co95431 co95431 Dec 10, 2017
So this is the sequel is this about Belle and Alex or their son
rahmannoodlays rahmannoodlays Jan 15, 2018
When will you update please don’t stop writing I bet you I really am desperate for a sequel
ayoshnanadan ayoshnanadan Feb 09, 2018
Please update soon .i love ur books  can't  wait to read all your completed  storied
sbfkbs sbfkbs Aug 17, 2017
Have already added to reading list .
                              Waiting for the story dear ...
PeachesNHoes PeachesNHoes Nov 19, 2017
Okay is this the sequel of the dark kings doll or will this one be with new characters ?
sicklove2005 sicklove2005 Aug 17, 2017
Well then start updating girl... WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR!
                              LOVE ME LIKE YOU LOVE LOVE...