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"You're hiding. There's no need to. Come on. I won't bite... hard." He smirked.

That smirk. That damned smirk. It made her heart pound with lust and love. 

The man pushed back the bush concealing her and moved his face so close to hers that she could smell his cologne running off him and with just moving an inch forward, their lips would be smashed together. 

"Mine." He growled. She shook her head. She didn't want to be his. She didn't want him to be hers. But how could she turn down her mate?


Meet Cordelia Hale

She's beautiful, nineteen, long red Ariel-like hair, tan skin, and bright green eyes. She was always the confident one. Who stood up for herself and for everyone she could. If she could, she would lay down her life for anyone and everyone and she really loved children. 

Oh did I tell you she was a werewolf?

Meet Pierce Eldred

Mean, heartless, evil. After loosing his parents ten years ago at the age of 11 and becoming alpha due to his father being alpha, he vowed to never love anyone again and have everyone feel the pain he felt all those years ago. But when he runs into Cordelia, does his world flip around?

*there's some cussing in the book. I'll make it as minimal as possible though*

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