Sent away to live with 3 Hot Guys...and I KNOW their Secret

Sent away to live with 3 Hot Guys...and I KNOW their Secret

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Rachel By Sugababy7 Updated Dec 18, 2013

Hello everyone! I am SO sorry that it took so long to post. I have just been insanely busy with life in general. And I really wanted to put something together that you all would truly enjoy. So...I am finally starting the sequel! I would really appreciate any comments and votes, because that will tell me that you like it. I have a lot of plans for this story, and if I get a lot of readers that will only motivate me more to keep up with it. Also, it will still be focused on Gracie and Logan, and will mainly be from her P.O.V. I hope you all like it, and I promise that it will be fantastic!



"Stop! You can't get married!" I exclaimed, as I rounded the corner and was met with a disheartening scene playing before me. Logan and Gracie stood there, their hands in one another's and a look of pure confusion written upon their faces. I couldn't believe they were actually going to go through with ...

If the fountain make ur greatest desires come true, and clearly Wes still wants the girl, (I believe) more than he wants to be turned human. When he gets to the fountain, his greatest desire is her so . . . "my dear friend Logan, how do u feel about that?"
tnnamy tnnamy Jul 20
but so far it sounds really good and it did a twist and it "threw a curve ball" so nobody expected it...
Hmmm........sounds like he would rather have her than be human again or am I just imagining things
bellebook44 bellebook44 Sep 27
Waaaaaa waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa waa waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa waa waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa waa waaaaaaaa
chaoticfyre chaoticfyre Jun 06, 2014
Or maybe he can be a total butt hole and as he's wishing on the fountain he only thinks about her and makes her forget about ....Jonas....Logan and replace her mm memories with Logan and replace him with her or wish that he was her soul mate instead
CourtneyCarlsonCass CourtneyCarlsonCass Jun 25, 2013
The first book sent away to live with 3 hot guys was soo amazingly detailed felt like I was watching a movie OMG! YOUR A GREAT WRITER! :D keep up on the great books