Needing You

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BesoLove By BesoLove Updated 2 years ago
What would happen if your were falling for your best friend's brother? How could you possibly explain any it? For Avery she sees no easy way out. How she handle's it you might ask? Simple. She does nothing at all. Although she tried her hardest for as long as she could remember to keep her feelings a secret, that plan slowly starts to backfire. We all know secrets don't stay secret for long, what will Avery do to keep her feelings and friendship in check?
Omg this was really good. I loved your writing style. You described the characters well .there were so much detail, adding to library! keep up the great writing
lolll this was so funny and cute! I'm loving connor already :)
i like it but im not into romances but it definetly deserves my vote so
Connor sounds mysterious and hot and cute all at the same time. :) I love it so far.
I love your description and how you describe things :D!
                                    Also, you have a really interesting way of wording things C: It was really cute and interesting I enjoyed it a lot. Also it was a great length for a chapter C:! Great job ^u^
This was a cute chapter! I don't usually like when stories start off with descriptions, but as I read on, I really began to like it! Great job!