Then, There Was Aine ✅

Then, There Was Aine ✅

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Meixia (美夏) By MeiSummer Completed

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Highest rank: #423 in Short Story (28 September 2017)

Jaejoon wanted to die.
As a musical protégé, he had quickly risen to stardom only to realize that fame came at a price. Having fallen far from his pedestal and having lost the ability to make music, he decided that death was his only recourse. And so, one summer night, when a typhoon wreaked havoc outside his remote cottage in idyllic Jeju Island, he invited death to come knocking.
When death arrived at his door,  it brought an unexpected companion. With death came an angel who played beautiful music that stirred his soul. The only problem was, she only spoke English, a language he barely understood.
Was this another one of fate's cruel tricks or was it a second chance at redemption?
A/N: This story was originally written for the #OneMillionProject anthology. It's a project involving a global network of creatives working to fund Cancer Research UK and EMMAUS (Homelessness organization).
Thank you to Erikson (@LeQueen-) for helping me with the cover.

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I_am_Saphash I_am_Saphash Aug 27, 2017
I love the way you described the personality of the casts the characters will be representing. It's nice.
anakreestela anakreestela Aug 21, 2017
Omg! Lizaaaa!! Ara pa lang yo este le. Yan una pa man vote y comment. Haha! 😍😘
UrAvrgAspiringAuthor UrAvrgAspiringAuthor Sep 22, 2017
Bam  p. 
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                              V:   x 
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Ms_Laaj Ms_Laaj Aug 17, 2017
Ooh she looks like a cross between Megan Fox and somebody else that I can't quite name but she's beautiful
adilawri adilawri Nov 04, 2017
I like how you turned this novel idea into a short story idea.
MAndALaptop MAndALaptop Aug 18, 2017
if you don't mind me asking, how do you make your covers? they're all beautiful!