Monstrous Hero- My Hero Academia x Fairy Tail (Oc)

Monstrous Hero- My Hero Academia x Fairy Tail (Oc)

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Cover by OtakuPerson042

Koyuki Dragoon is an Ice and Water Dragon Slayer mage of Fairy tail. Her dragon parent's disappeared the same year as every dragon, year 777. After being discovered and adopted by the Fire Dragon Slayer, Natsu Dragneel. 
Years later, after living with her polar opposite brother figure, things seemed well for the young mage, until one mission. The two went on said mission with their team to investigate active ruins being used for the Dark guilds use. Things take a turn for the worse for team Natsu, a dimension was opened and the Ice-Water Dragon Slayer mage was absorbed and taken far away from home and placed in a world where magic is not the norm, but abilities called Quirks.

"...We're not in Earthland anymore..."

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I swear I can’t stop reading this on quotev and it’s now on Wattpad?! YES!!!
Since shes a dragon slayer, does this mean she can eat Todoroki's ice and physically heal?
I think she did a good job because everyone needs to be a little serious from time to time
Good one Erza!  Making the heroine have some bold action and show off her body infront of the 2 perverts!!!!!  
                              And you know who im saying!!!
magum1 magum1 Aug 09
"Snow Fairy" 
                              Me : *Thinks*.............
                              FAIRY WHERE ARE YOU GOING~~~
hzlanderson hzlanderson Sep 17
All Canivourous, and Omnivourous (humans) mammals have Canines.