Summer Camp 2 | Phan  ❤

Summer Camp 2 | Phan ❤

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Cat and Regan  ❤ By phantowel Completed

COMPLETE: First I will state this is a sequel to Summer Camp (I'm sure you already know since that is the title).   I know it's been four months, or something stupid like that, but it's time!
WRITTEN 2014. (I have since gone through and attempted to improve on this).

mikaelaturk mikaelaturk Feb 09
Reasons why Dan's a fail... He can't bake brownies without almost dying
danisnotonachair danisnotonachair 4 days ago
i feel like this is a word I use alot and it's normally without context, like I just say beep for no reason.
PoliticalPigeon PoliticalPigeon Jun 02, 2016
I've been up all night reading both this and the first part and I must say, it's beautiful, everything about it is perfect, it even made me cry at least 4 times, well done.
                              why is on love eros playing rn its not appropriate
CrystalGlassClarity CrystalGlassClarity Jun 17, 2016
Omg I've been up all night reading the first book and now its 1:51am what am I doing with my life
LestersPrince LestersPrince Jun 17, 2015
got my coffee haven't slept I'm ready maybe I need to update my story