a fuzzy warm feeling. [hiro hamada x reader.]

a fuzzy warm feeling. [hiro hamada x reader.]

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being the nerd in school isn't always fun. especially when your always made fun of for sitting alone and quiet in the back do the class, and getting perfect 100's on your tests that you should be proud about, but instead fear for the discrimination from your fellow peers, or well, classmates

(f/n)'s mother and two younger siblings get caught up in a shooting as they're all killed. (f/n) flees from her responsibilities and life as she lives under a tree in a park nearby. a college student finds her there and takes her into his home

the college students brother is the same age as her and a bit taller than her as he comes off as cold towards her at first. their once bickering and sarcastic attitude takes a 180 when their friendship blossoms to something more than that as they continue on their adventure to save the world with their group of friends teasing them

" oh, hey . we need to make your suit "

" my what now ? "

" suit "

{lowercase intended}


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