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Help! I'm In Love With My Stepfather

Help! I'm In Love With My Stepfather

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Yung Scribe By PrettyMorena Completed

Step into the life of Danielle Jacobs, a teenage girl who's got everything going for her. A hot boyfriend, popularity, a beautiful face, and an overall great life. But Danielle has a secret. She's secretly in love with her stepfather, the strong businessman, Santiago. Will a relationship bud between the two or will Danielle continue fighting temptation?

Note: This is my first story, so it's very sloppy. Please bare with me lol.

JINUtheDEVIL JINUtheDEVIL Oct 03, 2016
I will so goo for Scott I want someone who understands me not control me
Ah plzzz get ur colour code rite nt all Jamaican men r brown
VictoriaStalk VictoriaStalk Feb 04, 2016
The ages don't match up between her and her mom a 25 or 26 year old girl wouldn't be going to high school
Fantasy_girl21 Fantasy_girl21 Apr 14, 2015
Wow one of the most forbidden relationships ever! Love the intro
hazleigh-smyles hazleigh-smyles Sep 09, 2014
well y'know you do have white Jamaican businessmen. maybe you meant a black Jamaican businessman.
KaraLashun KaraLashun Apr 16, 2014
I'm just decide to get back on Wattpad & I'm glad I took up your offer and read your story. I must say so far I'm very interested!!