Phantom Justice

Phantom Justice

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Davidscrazy234 By Davidscrazy234 Updated Aug 06

It's been 8 years since Danny has seen his brother, his older brother, his rollmodel, his hero, he ran away...
8 years later Danny finally sees his brother again... But is terrified of the human race...
It's been two long years since the guys in white kidnapped Danny after killing Jazz Fenton, Sam Manson, and Tucker Foley in front of his own eyes, and the worst part...
His parents are the ones that turned him in to the GIW...

(WARNING!!! I DON'T OWN THE COVER!!! IT WAS MADE FROM @DannnyPhantomPhandom!!!)

Adopted the story line from @skittle724

Warning: I down own Danny Phantom!!! It's owned to Butch Hartman!!!

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@TheRandomFandom2017  I know what u mean. Do u think Sam should live in my Young Justice Heroes story?
LyllianFoster LyllianFoster Dec 30, 2017
YES. I read this sense times and always forgot to save it, but I found it again!!!
Davidscrazy234 Davidscrazy234 Dec 30, 2017
Yeah I know. That's how she will act in Young Justice Heroes when she comes in
I’ve been waiting for this since I realized Lil brother 3 wasn’t updating anymore
ijustwanttolive ijustwanttolive Nov 22, 2017
They always act like danny has no right to keep his secrets from then. Yet they keep secrets from him all the time
Why did I read 'I was almost 9' why does my brain always do this to me