Taking A Trip With An Outlaw

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Melliiee By Melliiee Completed
Grace Bradshaw is everything a woman shouldn’t be, she runs like a man, rides a horse like a man and can shoot and fight just like a man does and it’s all because of the man that took her very innocence that she depended on as a woman. 
    Liam Grange had it all, a wife, a home and hopes and dreams. He’d left behind his life as an outlaw but when everything is taken from him, he must go back to his old life and kill the very man that took it all away from him. 
    Both Grace and Liam are on a mission to seek out the man that has taken something which cannot be replaced from the two of them.  With love, danger, twists and turns, together they take a trip with an outlaw.
Cool I'll take a look, I love westerns... Check mine out if you have time, I try to work on it as much as I can but its hard as I'm working all the time plus having 2 kids to look after makes it much harder..
Just the prologue and I am already really feeling this book!
I like it so far, I'm pretty interested in how the two main characters are going to meet. But I do have one question, is Sheriff someone's name?
This story was so cool. Proud to see a bad girl in a story who isn't all gooey.
Greatly enjoying the characters profile. Grace is badass and i'm going to enjoy her story.