Living With John Cena [WWE FanFiction]

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Harley James is a fifteen year old girl. Sounds normal, right? Wrong. She's also a deliquent, a criminal and what many would call; a lost cause. But what happens when she's collected from the police station one evening by WWE Superstar John Cena? A road full of romance, friendships, wrestling, love and laughter; read on to find out what happens when Harley starts Living With John Cena.
Me too. He's one half of my one true pair. (Nikki Bella is the other half)
Oh yeah they. Do get tried as adults it depends on the crime
Am I the only one dreaming that this were Randy Orton instead of Cena?
I wouldn't even say nothing about him driving past my street I would have been doing cartwheels and backflips in my head
omg i love John Cena. not like my "favorite wrestler" (he is) but like YOUR MY CRUSH
WWE RULES MY DReam job my friend mark is the chairman of wwe so I booked when I turn 21