Bella Salvatore?

Bella Salvatore?

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BellaandJasper By BellaandJasper Updated Jun 19, 2014

HE LEFT ME!!!! Edward left me in the woods but I am not going to mope or sit around doing nothing. there is something that the Cullens didn't know about me. Have you ever heard of the Salvatore brothers well they have a little sister and that is me. I have been in hiding for the last 50 years because Katherine wants me dead and my brothers don't know she is not in the tomb. Right now I am on a plane heading to Mystic Falls. You might want to know who I am my name is Isabella Salvatore but most know me as Isabella Swan. Yes most of you have probably heard of me as Edward Cullen's girlfriend but as you can probably already tell he left me. Planes landing.


I jus arrived at the Salvatore boarding house and no ones home so I cant get in because I have to be invited inside. Maybe I should tell you why I have to be invited in. Well I am a vampire just a different type from the cullens the kind of vampire I am burns in the sun, gets burned if we touch vervain, and can only di...

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