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Heart To Heart // Baekhyun

Heart To Heart // Baekhyun

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Soul By Kpopbeats Updated Jul 08

Do you have that one person you think will stay with you forever and then they ditch you? 
  Baekhyun was in a car crash recently and all he can do is breath and dream. His dream girl was everything he wanted, but when he woke up. After a while, he meets the girl in his dreams, but will he ever get the girl with Suho and Taeyeon as his obstacles in life? 
  "Stay with me," I said as I held her wrist. 
  "Yun, you don't want him," Suho said. She looked at me and then back at him. I gave her a pleading look. I wanted her to stay with me. She was everything to me. Yun smiled softly and took my hand off of her wrist. I gave her a confused look. Did I do something wrong to get this? She gave me a apologetic smile, "I'll be back." She walked to Suho and they ended up leaving me there behind. A million bullets shot my heart as she left with him. How could she leave me like this? I thought I was doing everything right. I did everything for her and she leaves me in the dust? I was angry, no furious. I glared at her back side getting farther away. 
  And then I whispered something I thought I'd never say to her.
  "I hate you."

Well, don't wear heels, they ain't good for dasi run run running, wear converse instead (sorry Yoongi)
1. Luhan's also adora- I mean Luhan's a manly deer
                              2. LIKE A BUTTERFLY~~
"That dress isn't my style,"
                              Is she related to Kris or something?
- - Jun 14, 2015
Wow. Just. Wow. I don't even know what to say.
                              1. GRAMPS IS A PLAYER?!?!?! WTF?!
                              2. SHE LOVES HIM SO MUCH AND HE DOES THIS TO HER?! THAT BASTARD!!
nncckk1 nncckk1 Jan 05, 2015
Woah, you made the love she felt really come through, and that ending of the chapter... Daebak.