A Vampires Bride

A Vampires Bride

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shayla_addison By shayla_addison Updated Dec 17, 2016

A day when all male vampires choose a bride to be, slowly creeps upon a girl name Jacey and her mother Nancy.

  The neighborhood Jacey and her mother lives in is the head bridal pick neighborhood meaning the vampires choose brides from that neighborhood first. 

Jacey's mother knows what day is ahead of them both and dreeds everyday that comes closer to bridal day. She was informed of this day a year after they moved to the town from a co-worker of hers. She also was informed that the vampires choose brides based off pictures they take at school.

Jacey's mother will do anything in her power to keep Jacey from being chosen to be wedded even if it meant sending her away.

  • excitement
  • romance
  • run
  • suspense
  • vampire
  • vampires
kpopmiracle kpopmiracle Mar 08
Lol she only takes 15 min i take more than an hour cause I listen to BTS while I shower ahahahaha
raeluv12 raeluv12 Feb 28, 2016
yes thank you for noticing and by the way tomorrow I'll be arriving ten minutes later so don't wait up.
xMinutiae xMinutiae Jul 30, 2016
Jumping to conclusions . . . Well, I guess having an answer rests our HUNGER for curiosity.
readergurls101 readergurls101 May 10, 2016
They taking pictures so the vampires can choose their brides
Infires09 Infires09 Apr 18, 2016
I would never turn down skipping school if my mom asked me to
Marydancer33 Marydancer33 Jun 07, 2016
Yep that's sooooo me.... I will spend hours on perfect make up but just settle for a ponytail or sloppy bun when it comes to my hair 😂