From Under My Bed

From Under My Bed

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Angel By boyloveangel Updated May 20, 2018

Naughty One Shots
A little too spicy to keep in the closet...

Daddy's Boy -Dad/Littleboy kink 
The Safe Zone - DBoy continues
Following the Rules -brother/brother (trigger warning for cons.)
Love Confessions -FtR continues happy
Mama We're All Full of Lies -FtR cont. 2
Mistaken Identity -Dad/Son romance
Home is Where the Heart is -MI continues
Tattle Tale Blunder -MI contines again, threesome
Good Dog -puppy play
Not Your Mamma's -dominance puppy play
Team Effort -stuck in a slippery situation (trigger warning for cons.)
We Get What We Deserve -be careful what you wish for.
Don't Act Like You Know Me -home on the range, riding cowboys?
What Hurts the Most -one rule: don't pick up your older brother's friends
So Cliche It Hurts -Age gap, secretary and boss, what can I say?
What Time Is It... Mr. Wulf? -More office romance, and by that I mean seXXX 
Boy Next Door -see title XD 
The Neighbours Crush -BND2 from the other boy's side!

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