Puck You

Puck You

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Grace Gillman and Sebastian Evans have more in common than they think. Not only do they love hockey and live to tear up the ice, but they also hate each other with a passion. More importantly, both Grace and Sebastian are humiliated by the attraction they feel towards one another. After all, you're not supposed to have the hots for your sworn enemy...

Since tryouts, Sebastian has resented the girl that could threaten his spot as number one player on the hockey team. Grace, on the other hand, can't stand that her captain is a sexist, arrogant, womanizer.

Can the two teammates make it through the hockey season without killing each other?

Cover by @soundthealarm

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cchharlii cchharlii Jul 29
Anyone else see the title and think of Jonah from Tonga? If so you're my best mate
I pray to the great lord this Nigga changes real quick or ill "Pick him up" real quick. Boy better change his tone
I didn't choose the hockey life, the hockey life chose me - Sebastian Evans
simfan20 simfan20 Nov 09
I see why everyone wants character development but honestly this seems realistic to me... or maybe i'm in the wrong😮
Question: do you guys have sports that only the pretty girls play where youre from? 😂 cause where I live every pretty girl plays field hockey its a thing
Who knew how hard it was to catch your salty ass tongue. You don't blatantly say she second place to her fave