Mateo Santiago

Mateo Santiago

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"Why? Why do you care so much about what happens to him?" he asked me.


When you think of the word delectable, what comes to your mind? Something fruity? Something juicy? Or perhaps something mouth-watering? Well, I'll tell you what comes to my mind when I hear the word- Mateo Santiago. His name alone sends chills down your spine. It breathes it's own kind of sexy as it rolls off of your tongue. He's powerful, strong and downright gorgeous.

They say he's ruthless, a monster of our age. They compare him to the devil, with his wicked ways. They say he knows no love, only hate and raw violence. They say he never smiles, only flashes a deadly grin. They say he has no mate, so how come I am his?

😂😂😂 she looks so pretty he can't even talk properly
Out of curiosity, why litmus? The first thing I thought of was the litmus test in biology if that's even correct
😭😭😭don't. Please. Scared me so bad my soul felt it.
LightAngels LightAngels Jul 08, 2016
*heart breaks into billions of pieces* B-But I ship them ; (
_te_qui_la_ _te_qui_la_ Nov 25, 2016
I'm so sad that that they cancelled the next season.... Like Tf wrong with em??
KreativeKhaos KreativeKhaos Jul 02, 2016
Honestly in those five years she should have trained her elemental abilities. With no one bothering to look for you this is the perfect opportunity to train your powers without suspicion. Also, exercise! There is no reason for a perfectly capable wolf like you to be out of shape!