CHESS (JuliElmo One Shot)

CHESS (JuliElmo One Shot)

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Aira Mae By starsandnightsky Updated Apr 11, 2012







'That's it! I don't want to play anymore.', Julie said as she tossed all of the chess piece out of it's board.

'But why Julie Anne San Jose? For your information you just won the game.' Elmo started picking up the pieces 

'Because the ever so great Elmo Moses Magalona gave way. You should let me win out of my abilities. You're being unfair.'

'I'm not being unfair.'

'How do you call that move? That king-protects-the-queen move of yours? Just in case you don't know mister the objective of the game is to keep the king, not the queen.'

'It's the real essence of being a king.'

'Real essence of being a king.', Julie said as she was mimicking Elmo.

'Hey! Stop that!'

'Hey! Stop that. You're gay.'


'I'll tell everyone in the school you're gay.'

'No you won't.'

'Watch me.'

Julie is now walking towards the door out of their classroom.

'You're being childish.', Elmo yelled. But as Julie exited the room, he quickly stood up and ran after her. 


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zheldg zheldg Nov 10, 2012
naks .. ang kyuuut ! infairness .. ndi ako naNOSEVLEEED ! thahaha !
ilovemitchietorres ilovemitchietorres Apr 11, 2012
@mysuperaira welcome! ang nice ng story. I like it :) sana may part 2??
ilovemitchietorres ilovemitchietorres Apr 11, 2012
it was so sweet!
                              grabe, I like the kilig factor the way elmo confess his love for Juli Anne :)
                              because of this maglalaro na ako ng chess! :D
                              definitely one of my favorite one shots story :)